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Finding a vegetarian restaurant in Knox City does not have to be challenging. Oneworld Knox caters for those who enjoy vegetarian options and has a generous selection. Our tempting menu includes pasta, seafood, salad, risotto, fritters and more. We believe vegetarian options are healthier and most of our choice are lighter and contain very little calories. We believe Oneworld Knox is the best vegetarian Restaurant in Wantirna south.

At least 15% of the world population is Vegetarian and more choices need to be on restaurant menus and we are pleased to offer some amazing collection to our vegetarian customers in Knox City, Ferntree Gully, Rowville, Scoresby, Doncaster, Glen Waverley, and other suburbs of Wantirna.

Best Vegan Menu in Wantirna South

Our Vegetarian menu includes Fajita, Fettuccini Toscana, Pumpkin Risotto and Quinoa Moroccan nut salad.

We have high protein included in our vegetarian options to cater for Protein deficiency including Chickpeas, Mushrooms and Peas.

Our affordable fresh vegetarian menu reflects good value for money and our vegetarian menu changes seasonally.

Oneworld Knox's vegetarian menu has dishes from India, Morocco, Italy and Spain.

It is healthy menu and fresh is the focus.

We have a loyal customer base that has been well satisfied with an ever changing interesting menu.

The Best Vegan Restaurant Wantirna Has to Offer

Many people in the world have chosen to be vegetarian some for sentient life. Others have religious reasons, some for environmental reasons, some for cultural reasons and some for economic reasons, and some for health reason. We respect all people choices and reasons to be vegetarian.

It is suggested, vegetarians consume on average less calories from fats and saturated fats and fibre is sourced in vegetarian options as well. That in itself contributes to a better and more vibrant life and healthy lifestyle. The food here is also very good for your heart and overall body, a well planned vegetarian menu here will enhance your overall nutrition intake and in some cases help manage weight issues in some vegetarians.

Oneworld knox has a website containing vegetarian/vegan menu option. So the next time you decide to visit the Knox Shopping Centre in Knox Ozone, Wantirna South, do checkout Oneworld Knox.