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Halal food is becoming ever more popular in Melbourne. Oneworld Knox is well known for its Halal food. Halal food in Knox City is hard to find so we believe we are providing a good Halal menu in Knox Ozone. The choices we offer include Halal Chicken, Halal Lamb, Halal Beef and Halal Goat. All our meats are Halal. We are the best Halal Restaurant in Knox Ozone, Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne. We also have Seafood, Salads and Desserts etc. Halal food here is Flavoursome, Fresh and Healthy. So if you are looking for the best Halal restuarnt in Knox ozone, Oneworld Knox is the place.

Halal food is generally consumed on religious grounds and the way the meat is prepared, with specific Muslim prayer that makes the meat Halal. Halal Butchers are certified from Islamic council of Victoria. Halal meat is exported from Australia to many regions in the world in particular to Middle east and Muslim Asian countries.

Some 18% of the world global food trade is in Halal related products. That is some $1.2 trillion and is increasing by 7% per annum. That is also reflecting in Australia where increasing number of Muslims are eating and drinking Halal range of products.

Choice in Halal restaurants is generally based on ethnic lines where Turkish, Lebanese, Indonesian and Indian Halal Restaurants are serving there communities. Whereas Oneworld knox has a Global menu covering many Regions of the world.

Halal food that Oneworld Knox serves is healthy, fresh and flavoursome.

You may want to try from our menu Reef and Beef, Chicken Parmigianino, Butter Chicken, Moroccan Goat, Paella Barcelona etc. We have a range of salads and fabulous Desserts as well.

Prices here are reasonable and value for money is the focus. Our chefs are passionate and create tempting seasonal menus. We are excited about prospect of serving you.