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Halal Food in Doncaster  
Halal Restaurant in Doncaster

Doncaster is located 17km east of Melbourne CBD and has an estimated population of 18,359 people. Doncaster is well known for its historical buildings, local large modern shopping centre and high-rise apartment buildings.

It was believed to be a German predominant area and was originally called Waldau and later accepted as Doncaster. Located near the Eastern Freeway Doncaster's large modern shopping centre has a variety of halal options to choose from ranging from Malaysian, Persian, Indian, Mexican, Seafood, Chicken and Burgers to name a few.

There are many fun activities to enjoy whilst in Doncaster and surrounding suburbs including, watching a movie at the cinemas, have a relaxing visit to a day spa, visiting the local valley railway, walking or riding a bike along the creek parklands, taking the kids to the local playground; or visiting the museum of modern art.

With a short visit to and from the CBD it makes it an ideal stop for a quick visit during the weekend for a short getaway from the bustling city mall streets.

Located not much further down the Eastern Freeway is a restaurant called Oneworld Knox. Located near Burwood, Wantirna and Knox passed a well-known university you will see Knox Ozone shopping centre.

Oneworld is located in the restaurant section of the shopping centre adjacent from the cinemas. It is a great place to visit during or towards the end of your shopping trip if you are in the area. They have several menus catering to different dietary needs including halal food. Great halal food options include their Moroccan Goat dish with tender goat, tomatoes, cinnamon, apricot, dates, dry spices, aromatic rice and cinnamon dusted yoghurt. Another great option is their Butter Chicken dish with Indian specialty chicken, creamy tomato sauce, basmati rice, papadam and mint raita. It is a great meal to enjoy especially during the cooler months in Melbourne.

The restaurant itself has a great atmosphere with the use of colours blue, green, purple and white to present a welcoming feel. The staff are always friendly and helpful to meet your requests too. So next time you are in the area, don't forget to stop by.