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There are many halal restaurant and cafe options in Dandenong, located in Melbourne's south-east suburbs. Dandenong is multicultural place with many different cuisines ranging from Indian, Afghan, Italian, Chinese, Thai and more giving people lots of different halal meal options to choose from for Breakfast, lunch or dinner.

The local market is also a great place central place to visit whilst in Dandenong area. The market has many affordable eatery options with cheap eats under $20. These options are available on Tuesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. The market also has a halal butcher serving beef, veal, lamb, chicken and sausages, if you prefer to cook and eat at home.

There are also other great activities to do in Dandenong including, going to the local library, shopping centre, playing sport activities or visiting cultural centres.

With a convenient train ride to Dandenong it is approximately 40 minutes away from Melbourne CBD where you can enjoy a different cultural experience with delicious authentic food or a car stop along the way to or from the local national parks including forestry areas and the well known 1000 steps to the picnic ground. If you are visiting the 1000 steps there you might spot local wild life including Honeyeaters, Cockatoos, Rosellas, Kookaburras, Robins and Currawongs depending on the season and weather.

Located not far from the local national parks is a town called Sassafras. There you will find a tearoom and other niche stores to enjoy on the weekend or school holidays, their desserts do look pretty amazing.

In the Eastern direction there are even more halal options to enjoy. Located in Wantirna South, Knox shopping centre is a restaurant called Oneworld Knox. They have an array of food for everyone to enjoy. From vegan, vegetarian, meat and seafood options you are bound to find an option to enjoy dining in their restaurant. Located near the cinemas in Knox shopping centre, it makes it a perfect destination to enjoy a meal before or after your selected movie.

Their menu includes extensive breakfast, lunch and dinner options to enjoy. So next time you are visiting Dandenong don't forget to stop by the above places to enjoy a weekend or day getaway in Melbourne, Victoria.