5 Tips to Dine Alone at a Restaurant

Eating alone is one of the best ways to experience visiting a new place with a sense of empowerment. If you are planning to go out to eat alone for the first time, you may be self-conscious about this. Food lovers who have tried the best banquet restaurants in Wantirna South share a few tips to make the most of your first solo eat out.

1. Choose the Meal

Choose a dish you are going to order on your first solo eat out excursion. If you are worried about the crowd, long wait, and occasional curious stares from other diners, going for lunch may be a good idea as there will be fewer people in the daytime.

2. Decide on the Restaurant

When dining solo, consider the environment of the restaurant you are going to visit. You may not want to go to date-night spot or a loud restaurant. Instead, choose a place that is quieter. You may be surrounded by families and couple anywhere you go, but you may feel the perk of comfort when opting for a quieter and chilled out environment.
A laid-back restaurant or cafe with a bar is another good option. This way, you won’t feel too rushed to give up your seat, and may also be able to chat with other people and even the bartender.

3. Pick an Outfit

Even if you have spent your entire day hiking a mountain before hitting your solo date spot, making an extra effort to look and feel good will certainly go a long way in alleviating your nerves. If you are conscious of people staring at you because you are eating solo, looking incredible may be another reason.

4. Select Your Seat

If you are not good at selecting the perfect spot to sit in a restaurant, the first thing you should do when entering is to tell the host or hostess “just one” when he or she asks “how many.” This is maybe because they will guide you to an appropriate place to sit. If you are at a restaurant with a bar, pull up a stool.
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5. Bring Something to Lower Consciousness

It is always a good idea to carry some reading material with you when going somewhere alone. Even if you don’t need to be distracted from your self-consciousness, having a good magazine or novel to read is a great option. Throw your kindle, paperback, iPad, or smartphone in your bag to have a great time alone. Even if you don’t get a chance to make a conversation with your neighbour diner, you won’t feel awkward about eating alone as you can always use your phone to connect with your friends or watch an entertaining video.
When going on a solo date, ordering your favourite dish may be the first thing to hit your mind, but you can also try something new like Asian, Mexican, or Italian food in Wantirna South. If you want to taste flavours of different cuisine, visit Oneworld Knox, located near Knox O-zone.