Risotto is a favorite to many. Why? Because it contains the great flavours one might find in Italian pasta, but instead of pasta, Risotto is shorter and is cooked with arborio rice (a softer style of rice). You cannot go wrong with this very popular and versatile dish. As one can imagine, Risotto is native to the kitchens of Italy where many of the great culinary dishes were born.

In the Middle Age, those who came from the Arabian world introduced rice to Spain and Italy. The short-grained rice produced a strong business trade as it made its way from the farmers to the city residences. Once the masses had their hands on the rice people started to invent new ways of cooking rice. Rice quickly became a staple in both countries and new dishes Risotto and Spain’s very famous Paella were born.

The chefs would slow cook it, in the stock of meat such as chicken. For hours the rice would slowly cook as other ingredients were added such as: cheese, herbs, and meat. This style of slow cooking would go on to create the endless number of recipes and variations of the rice, and therefore adopted the name Risotto.

Today you can walk into any kitchen that prepares Risotto, and find that they are using the basic ingredients used hundreds of years ago. Except, there is no doubt today, Risotto is tastier. This dish has remained a favorite for many people for hundreds of years and will continue to satisfy many more to come.