6 Reasons Restaurants Lose Out on Customers

According to a study, many restaurants tend to lose half of their regular customers within three years. Many factors can attribute to this, but by far, poor customer service is the major reason. The most successful restaurants go the extra mile to keep their customers satisfied. Even if your waiter or waitress wears a clean apron and speaks in a respectful way, there can be numerous other reasons your customers never return back. Customer service experts at the leading banquet restaurants in Wantirna South share some reasons restaurants lose out on customers.

1. Poor Restaurant Service

Despite how nicely you have designed and decorated your restaurant, providing substandard service is the biggest cause of losing out on customers. Poor customer service is often the result of lack of professional training for the staff. Since restaurants fall within the hospitality industry, having inattentive staff members who lack basic customer relationship skills can cost you a lot of money.

2. No Online Existence

In the era of the internet, having a strong online presence plays an important role in acquiring more customers. With a huge number of smartphone apps like Yelp, people prefer to search places on Google before visiting them. Having a weak, outdated, or non-responsive website, inactive social media account, or a huge number of negative reviews can negatively impact your business.

3. Uncleanness

Unhygienic restaurants not only have stained table covers and dirty seat cushions, but they also tend to have uncleaned toilets, foul odours, worn flooring, clutter, dirty dishes, and poor staff hygiene. Having a clean restaurant implies that you welcome your customers. If your restaurant is dirty, your customers are unlikely to feel prioritised, which will cause them to never return.

4. Terrible Background Music

Terrible music is one of the biggest reasons your customers don’t come back. You need to play the music that amplifies your restaurant’s ambiance and sets the mood. Opt for low-volume soft music to set a comfortable ambiance. You can search a lot unique restaurant playlists online to organise one for your restaurant. Consider investing in high-quality speakers.

5. Lack of Flexibility

Sometimes, even the best places need some changes such as reinventing a menu, creating a page on social media, and accommodating seating requests. Make sure to read the customer reviews carefully and be willing meet their changing demands.

6. High Prices and Hidden Charges

No one wants to pay extra cash for an additional slice of bread. Regardless of how great food your serve, your customers want to feel they are getting the best value on their meals, and that they are not overpaying. Keep your prices reasonable to make your customers want to return.
Make sure to eliminate these factors to retain customers and become one of the best restaurants in Wantirna South.