New Year’s Resolutions for Restaurants: Keeping Customers Happy

Waiting tables are stressful to look after, no matter how easy it appears. Servers have to remember complex drink orders, carry heavy food trays, and manage frustrated customers every day. Here are a few remarkable tips for servers which can keep customers happy.

1. Stand up

Studies show servers can get a better tip if they appear overly familiar with the customers. While a few customers may not feel awkward if you stand close by, others may find it creepy and off-putting. Show genuine engagement by having a composed demeanour and offering a smile whenever the customer asks for something.

All you need is to make a customer more comfortable when he or she enters your restaurant. Many people visit a restaurant twice if they like the services, food, or the ambiance. For exquisite services and tempting food deals, you can visit Oneworld Knox, which is considered the best restaurant in Wantirna South for Italian, Mexican, and halal food.

2. Keep Your Hands to Yourself

Touching the customer in a friendly manner can build a stronger connection and entice him or her to give you a better tip. However, some customers do not appreciate being touched or become aggressive at seemingly harmless gestures. Unless the customer hugs or shake hands, refrain from any kind of such activity which can be embarrassing for some people.

3. Pull Your Hair Back

The customers can feel extremely obnoxious if they see servers’ running hands through their hairs or rolling them behind their ears to avoid it from falling.  As a server, you should stay clean, dress accordingly, and tie back your hair.

4.  Avoid Eating Gum

To appear professionally poise, don’t eat chewing gums or blow bubbles while serving food or when walking in front of customers. Customers expect an elegant atmosphere and courteous waiters and servers.

5. Wash Your Hands

The restaurant staff must stay tidy and wash hands regularly or use a hand sanitizer. Grabbing the dirty restroom handle after washing hands is no good. Try to use a paper towel for grabbing the door handle.

6. Don’t Touch the Food

Make sure you don’t touch the rim of the glass or leave a thumbprint on the dinner plate.  It can be unpleasant for customers to eat from a plate with someone else’s finger marks on it. Consider wearing gloves or wiping the plate clean before putting it on a customer’s table.

7. Don’t Work If You Are Sick

Instead of sniffling and battling a cough, the best thing to do is take a day off. Find a replacement for the day so you can switch shifts until you are feeling better.

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