Knox O-Zone – Culinary Destination

With a huge variety of recopies available, people love eating out. The eternal love of food keeps people searching for new and adventurous dishes. Knox O-Zone is known to be a culinary destination as it has some of the best restaurants in Wantirna South that have some really awesome dishes on the menu just to indulge your tastebuds. When you have the craving to eat something super delicious and affordable, give these dishes a try

1. Crispy Duck Rolls

This Chinese dish is enough to help you meet your nutrient intake for the day. The mouth-watering crispy duck rolls are made with duck breast, Chinese five spices, chicken stock, Szechuan peppercorns, black peppercorns, cloves, cinnamon, roughly chopped spring onions, sliced root ginger, and Chinese rice wine. The dish is often topped with star anise, which enhances its aroma. These duck rolls are served with Chinese pancakes, cucumber, and hoisin sauce.

2. Grilled Sumac Chicken

This amazingly scrumptious dish is available at a very reasonable price and includes lots of healthy ingredients. It is made with whole Cornish chickens, chopped yellow onions, chopped garlic, plain yogurt, smoked paprika, dried rosemary, minced sumac, salt, pepper, and olive oil. This is a must-try dish to make you feel energized.

3. Spaghetti Bolognaise

This classical and tasty dish is perfect for the whole family, especially kids. It contains the finest ingredients like Flora, chopped onions, quartered mushrooms, chopped celery and onion, minced lean beef, black pepper, chopped tomatoes, tomato puree, dried thyme and oregano, beef stock, Parmesan cheese, and Worcester sauce. All these ingredients mix together and provide a delicious flavour.

4. Crème Bruleé GF

A dinner is incomplete without a dessert, and Crème Bruleé happens to be gluten-free as well. Crème Bruleé is basically vanilla flavoured custard sealed with crunchy caramel that cracks perfectly with the first tap of the spoon. It is made with heavy cream, egg yolks, cane sugar, a pinch of fine sea salt, and high-quality gluten-free vanilla. Make sure to order this one at your next visit to Knox O-Zone.

5. Flan De Queso

This super delicious and mouth-watering Mexican dessert is enough to make your sweet tooth feel pleased. Flan De Queso is prepared with the basic ingredients such as evaporated milk, condensed milk, cream cheese, lots of eggs, vanilla extract, a tablespoon of water, and sugar. Since Mexican cuisine has gained a lot of popularity all over the world, this dessert can be listed on top of all dishes. In fact, you can get it at the really affordable price at Oneworld Knox, a Mexican food restaurant, Wantirna South residents love to dine in.

A meal without a beverage is thought to be incomplete, make sure to visit the best wine bar in Wantirna South at Oneworld Knox to make your meals and parties wonderful.