Halal Food Experience in Melbourne

best halal restaurant in melbourne

You might have heard or seen the word Halal but what does it mean?

Halal food means it has been prepared according to Islamic law, and free from pork products, alcohol and other certain ingredients. These Halal ingredients come from organisations that have been certified by a Halal certifier.

Halal food is becoming increasingly popular in Australia by the number of dine in guests.

Common food places that were firstly renowned for selling Halal food were kebabs shops and Middle Eastern restaurants. In Melbourne, there are now a variety of restaurants and cafes that have a selection of Halal dishes. Including restaurants located in the eastern suburbs.

Oneworld Knox located in Westfield Knox Shopping Centre followed the Halal food trend and has a creative fusion inspired menu using Halal certified beef and chicken. Many local guests have enjoyed Halal dishes including, Porterhouse Steak, Chicken Envelope, Butter Chicken and their Thai Beef Salad to name a few.

Not only is their food simply tasty. Oneworld is located near Villages Cinemas, making it an ideal choice for dining in with family and friends. Their d├ęcor will make you feel like you are in a wonderland with their hanging plants and currency wall.

If you are looking for halal restaurant in Melbourne then you should try Oneworld Knox.

Next time you are in Wantirna South will you follow the Halal food trend?