How to Eat Healthy While Eating out

When it comes to nutritional health, eating daily at a restaurant can have negative impacts on your physical wellbeing. For those who are unable to cook at home and always eat outside, here are a few remarkably simple tips for them to eat and stay healthy.

Eat More Appetizers

If you are having vegetables or salads as an appetizer, order it more than three to four times and even agree to pay extra for it. In this way, you can get more nutrients instead of gaining extra weight by eating a large meal. Search for the best selection of salads and seafood, which can be enough for you to skip the entree. However, the appetizers should not contain excess fats which are present in fried noodles, bacon bits, and coleslaw.

Order Healthy, Low Fat Entree

Some restaurant menus mention the number of calories or nutritional content of certain foods, especially the entree. It is one of the simplest ways to ensure you are getting enough nutrients and consuming healthier meals. Avoid trying to finish up the entire entrée on your own and divide it between you and your partner or ask the waiter to box half of it before bringing it to the table.

Check the Menu Online

Many restaurants publish their breakfast, dinner, and dessert menus on their websites. Decide first what you want to eat before visiting a restaurant which is a better way to avoid overeating or consuming unhealthy foods. If there are terms like buttery, sauced, creamy, or stuffed written in front of a particular meal, it may contain extra saturated and trans fats. Always order a salad before having the main course which can allow you to avoid overeating.
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Skip the Fancy Drinks and Dessert

Sugary drinks can largely contribute to obesity. Avoid mixed drinks, Margaritas, or Pina Colada which contain more calories. Try beers or a glass of white wine which is a better option rather than other fancy drinks. Drink water before and throughout the meal, so you avoid binge eating and get full earlier. Have a slice of Chocolate Mousse Cake or Apple Crumble to treat yourself, but try to avoid desserts especially if you are overweight or obese.

Order Fish

Eating seafood can have many benefits as it is low in fat and cholesterol, but high in vitamins, minerals, and proteins. Avoid fried fish and instead order boiled, baked, grilled fish, or prawns for your lunch or dinner. Consuming seafood is an integral part of healthy diet offering amazing taste and nutrition. Seafood can also enhance brain power, heart health, body strength, and immune functions. If you are searching for a seafood restaurant in Wantirna South, head to Oneworld Knox, an international food restaurant offering different types of mouth-watering cuisines.