This wonderful appetizer was born in non other than the famous culinary county of Italy! The basic Bruschetta is a small slice of toasted bread, rubbed garlic, olive oil, salt and pepper. There are many different variations of Bruschetta that include toppings like tomato, cured meats, cheeses, basil, olives, balsamic vinegar, and onion.

The origins of Bruschetta are thought to be from the ancient romans. After a harvest of olives, the roman farmers would bring their new olives to the olive press in town. Once the olives were pressed and ready to eat, the olive paste would be spread across of piece of bread. Farmers and other locals would taste the olive spread and compare different harvests, and decide which one they preferred.

Bruschetta is best enjoyed with a glass of wine and good company. Most orders of Bruschetta will have 2 to 6 pieces so sharing is typical.

At Oneworld Knox there is 2 different types of Bruschetta to enjoy. Our Bruschetta Pomodoro has diced roma tomato’s, onion, basil in balsamic-olive oil dressing served on Tuscan bread. Our other delicious and popular Bruschetta is our Bruschetta a la Red Salmon, which includes above but with Salmon and feta cheese.


So come down to Oneworld Knox and try our Bruschetta and other healthy and delicious food!