4 Amazing Christmas Marketing Ideas for Restaurants

Investing in Christmas and New Year marketing tactics can be very helpful for becoming the most popular restaurant in your area. To become the best restaurant in Wantirna South, consider creating the perfect marketing mix to flaunt your restaurant’s top-notch services, attract more customers, and focus on holiday specials. Here are a few exceptional holiday marketing ideas for your restaurant.

1. Offer a Set Menu for a Special Price

Hosting several delicious meals at reasonable prices during the holidays can encourage new customers to order different items from the menu, ranging from appetizers and soups to heavenly desserts. Create special, eye-catching deals that can run for the whole month of December or as long as you choose.

2. Invest in Two-for-One Meal Promotions

Many restaurants ignore the underrated two-for-one promotions, which are often very effective to promote in-house dining. Two-for-one deals also encourage people to bring family members and friends to your restaurant during the holidays. This marketing idea can yield positive results when it targets people often eat alone.

3. Provide Three-Course Meal Specials

Offering three-course meal specials in December is a good idea because it allows your customers to choose from several appetizers, soups, salads, entrées, and desserts. The best thing about holiday marketing is restaurant owners don’t necessarily have to offer massive discounts to encourage customers to order three-course meals. You can easily promote three-course meals during the holiday season, such as special Christmas meals with themed entrees, main courses, and desserts. In this way, very few customers will actually think twice about the price of each meal course.

4. Give Away Gift Cards

Gift cards can boost your holiday sales as you launch into the New Year. Residents around the restaurant will be thrilled to bring friends, family members, and co-workers if you market the gift cards properly. Here are three ideas to market your restaurant using special cards and other promotional content.

Idea 1: Start Early

Set up a wide, eye-catching display in the front of your restaurant or cash register to advertise gift cards. Include creative packaging for the card that may look suitable under the tree.

Idea 2: Create a Promotional Video

Creating a brilliant promotional video is one of the best ways to advertise your sensational holiday events, seasonal menus, or gift cards. Make sure you film the chefs preparing holiday meals or special menu items you want to serve. Make an amazing video and post it on YouTube, Facebook, or another social media platform to encourage holiday bookings and gift card sales.

Idea 3: Consider Gift-Giver Incentives

Appreciate customers cheerfully when they spend more money at your restaurant. For instance, offer a free $10 gift card for customers who buy each boxed, mailed, or gift cards that amount to $100 or more. You can also offer free gift cards to customers who order meals exceeding a certain amount, say $100.

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