7 Ways to Improve Your Menu

To become one of the best lunch restaurants in Wantirna South, you may have to make a few necessary changes to your menu. Here are seven simple ways you can improve your menu and attract more customers to your restaurant.

1. Use the Language of Food

Many restaurant experts believe that giving a dish a traditional name can make it look original and tempting to the customers. If you name a pasta dish Aunt Angie’s Barcelona Noodles, it can evoke curiosity in your customers. Using fancy details in front of the food items can keep the customers interested, even if you are simply serving sweet potato chips or spaghetti.

2. Create a Beautiful Layout

The way you organise the menu card is important because it is the first thing a customer sees after settling down. Make the menu readable, and make sure it motivates the customers to place an order quickly. Many big restaurants categorise the menu and make separate sections to put seafood, beef, desserts, or chicken items. Most customers order food from the first page of the menu. For instance, if Buffalo Wingettes is one of the first few items on the menu, customers are more likely to order it rather than the dessert mentioned at the end. Try to put your most successful food items on the first page of the menu or as “Today’s Special.”

3. Use Visual Aids

Make a separate section for the meals offered, and place embroidered descriptions below each item. Whether you want to increase the sales of a particular dish or promote a brand new dessert item, place it on the front of the menu. Use catchy and mouth-watering pictures of your menu items to boost sales.

4. Offer Amazing Packages and Weekend Deals

Many customers feel tempted to order deals rather than solo dishes. Consider creating a weekend or weekday package with three-course meals to entice your customers. You can also add buy-one-get-one-free offers, if your budget permits. This way, customers will end up picking deals that appeal to them and come back for more. If you restrict the customers by providing them with an all-in-one package, they’re unlikely to visit your restaurant again.

5. Stop Using the Dollar Sign

The dollar sign often makes customers feel that they are giving away too much money, even for small and simple meals. Studies show presenting customers with a menu card without mentioning the dollar sign results in them ordering expensive meals. Consider ending your meal prices on a zero or a five, as it will encourage customers to spend more.

6. Offer the Same Meal in Two Sections

Bracketing is a brilliant strategy that involves providing the same dish in two separate portions. The same meal is offered both in a smaller and bigger portion to entice the customers and allow them to choose the latter. Many local seafood restaurants cleverly sell the smaller portion at a low rate by giving the customers a chance to choose it and thinking they are saving money. Providing smaller meals allows you to use fewer raw materials and make more profit out of it.

7. Be Careful of the Scanning Path

After evaluating the reading patterns, you can realise how a customer thinks when he or she first looks at the menu. Many studies prove that the customers are more likely to order meals from the first few items on the menu. 90% of the people look in the upper right-hand corner of the menu, so it is better to put your productive food items in that zone. Put the most expensive meal in the peak spot to encourage the customers to order it.