7 Awesome Ways to Make Your Customers Feel Special on Christmas

Awesome Ways to Make Your Customers Feel Special on Christmas

While customers are divided into new customers and repeat customers, attracting and pleasing new ones is crucial. Make your customers feel important, respected and special this Christmas. Experts at the best restaurant in Wantirna South share some really awesome ways to make your customers feel delighted this festive season.

1. Offer Something Free

Everyone loves freebies. The gift may not seem so valuable to you but your customers will certainly appreciate the gesture. It can range from a free water bottle or beverage upon arrival to free sides or appetizers. In fact, this can help local restaurants make a good impression on potential customers, just by giving them a memorable surprise.

2. Waive Extra Charges

This is one of the most favoured things amongst customers. Waiving extra costs is a great way to delight and surprise your customers during the festive season, while building a loyal business-client relationship. You can also give a 10 percent discount on the overall bill.

3. Show Personal Attention

Your staff may work with the customers on a custom order or provide recommendations for the best item on the menu. Giving time and personal attention will set you apart from the competition.

4. Offer Thank You Gifts

If you really care about your customers, spend time and resources to individualise their experience with your brand or restaurant. Offer customized gifts or giveaways, like milk chocolate bars or cookies, when placing the bill on the table to thank them for visiting.

5. Send Them Deals

Ask for the customers’ numbers or email address so you can let them know about your Christmas deals and other promotional coupon codes and discounts. This way, you can build trust with your clients.

6. Give Christmas Greeting Cards

Upon arrival, offer the guests Christmas greeting cards just to fare up the sense of happiness. By doing this, your customer will not only take interest in your menu but will also want to become a regular customer or even ask for membership or loyalty cards.

7. Smile

The best thing you can do to make your customer feel welcome and special is to smile, in person as well as on phone as people can feel your smile in your voice. This a great approach to see your sales rise. There is no simpler way to make people feel good than giving them a smile. While they are leaving, don’t forget to tell them you hope to see them again, soon.
When deciding to please customers, keep these tips on top of the list. People of different cultures go out to celebrate Christmas and some even look for halal food. In Wantirna South, Oneworld Knox offers a diverse menu that caters people of different tastes.